Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thandie Slams Celebs

The fame game can grate on some celebs.
Surely it should be about talent rather than posh frocks?
Thandie Newton has hit out at the flim-flam side of stardom.
She said: "Celebrity these days is just about wearing something plunging on the red carpet.
"There's such a hunger for fast-food celebrity. When you ask a kid these days what they want to be they say, 'I want to be famous.'
"That didn't happen when we were little. You wanted to be famous for a reason."
While the Crash star is no stranger to stylish garb herself, she blames attention-grabbing clothing for the rise of the fame-for-fame's sake celeb status.
Miss Newton went on: "I think Liz Hurley wearing that Versace dress (to the Four Weddings premiere in 1994) started it all but anyone can wear a gorgeous dress."
Aahh, how refreshing her words are to our ears.
from Sky Showbiz

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