Saturday, July 07, 2007

Thandie from BBC Blog

One could not help feeling sorry for actress Thandie Newton who appeared on stage to deliver her environmental message and to introduce Al Gore live from Washington.

Thandie Newton resorted to talking about George Clooney. However the Hollywood A-lister was left hideously high and dry on stage after being told in her ear-piece that Gore was not yet ready.
"I've always wanted to stand in front of 2 billion people with nothing entertaining or interesting to say," she joked before talking about the sexiness of George Clooney.
Desperation got the better of her though as she resorted to telling Wembley a knock knock joke (which I doubt will be included in the highlights of the event).
No one seemed to understand it, nevertheless the good natured crowd gave her a huge cheer anyway as she left the stage.

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