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Thandie from 2000 never seen these before!

LAUNCH OF THE ORGANIC CAFE Screen beauty THANDIE NEWTON looked stunning at the launch of The Organic Cafe on the 31st August 2000 in London. The heavily pregnant star of 'Mission Impossible 2,' officially opened the the natural home store which sells organic products, including clothes and products for the home. On the night, Thandie was accompanied by her husband Oliver Parker and looked relaxed and calm enjoying a guided tour around the shop in Notting Hill, London. However, her favourite section of the store had to be the nursery, while there, the Cambridge educated actress proved she s still flexible even though she s expecting a child, she had a go on a child s rocking sheep! Perhaps she s getting into practice for those many child-amusing hours ahead!

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Is it really coming....

"Eleven Weeks to Steal November"
Directed by George Clooney
Written by George Clooney and Grant Heslov
Produced by Steven Spielberg, Grant Heslov and Barry Mendel
Cinematography by Newton Thomas Sigel
Edited by Stephen MirrioneMusic by James Newton Howard

Main Cast
George Clooney (Bill Fowler)Thandie Newton (Cindy Johnson)Alec Baldwin (Jim Domer)Jodie Foster (Marge Pickett)Tommy Lee Jones (Pres. Richard Harrison)Martin Sheen (Sen. Alan Grant)David Strathairn (Doug Wiesman)Grant Heslov (Joseph Horrestein)
with special appearances as themselves:Jon Stewart Stephen Colbert Tim Robbins Sean Penn Susan Surandon Corey Feldman Corey Haim Al Gore Bill O'Riely Oprah Winfrey Casey Affleck
Tagline: "In the fight for political office, all the colors run together"

Synopsis: Bill Fowler (Clooney) and Cindy Johnson (Newton) both have very important jobs to do. They are both campaign managers of opposing political parties for an upcoming presidential election, and being late August their game is in full swing. Bill, who has claimed to unofficially help elect four different presidents, is managing the campaign of the leading Republican candidate, South Carolina Senator Jim Domer (Baldwin) and Cindy is representing, for the Democrats, Illinois Governor Marge Pickett (Foster); Cindy has had eight congressional successes in elections and hopes for her first presidential with this one. Each of them also manages to get support from pretty high places: Domer has the backing from the current lame-duck president (Jones), and Pickett has the backing from the overly liberal California Senator Alan Grant (Sheen).However, there is a complication between Bill and Cindy: they were once married and are now going through a nasty divorce. Their bitter fights also tends to get in the way of their jobs and causes unethical behavior. Each one is starting nasty rumors about each other's candidate. Bill says that Domer's gun-toting, pro-life persona once got him tossed in jail for the attempted murder of a transvestite (actually, it was his ex-wife, whom he called a “whore of men,” according to the Georgia Chronicle), and Cindy starts to exaggerate a sex scandal that Pickett had five years ago (it involved a limosuine and Casey Affleck, no need to ask anymore). Different media outlets have a frenzy at how out of control this election between these candidates seems to be going. Finally, when election day approaches, everyone finds a huge surprise. Evidently, the majority of American's were finally fed up with the split morality of politics and actually elected an Independent team (Strathairn, Heslov) to the White House. It causes disappointment to the presidential candidates, but Bill and Cindy can only seem to laugh at the situation and can't wait until four more years when they can do it all over again.

What the Press would say:
George Clooney spins a witty and laughable commentary of today's political scene. Clooney as the writer, along with Grant Heslov, brings out quick one-liners and a sophisticated sense of humor in dialouge that is played out like a well orchestrated tennis match; Clooney the director impresses the audience with a great comic timing and a witty sense of direction that capitalizes on a biting political satire. Clooney also serves as a triple threat as an actor: he gives us a wonderful sense of wit and comic timing that makes us both snicker at the sophistication and bellylaugh at the unbelievable jokes. Thandie Newton also makes an impression as an overly zealous ex-wife whose bickering and insane ideas tickle us. Both Clooney and Newton have great chemistry with each other, and their situation is that more enjoyable and that much funnier. Clooney's influence, as well as that from producer Steven Spielberg, allowed the filmmakers to get a wide range of celbrity cameos, such as Oprah Winfrey who accepts Marge Pickett's national apology and Corey Haim and Corey Feldman who are used to create some “celebrity appeal” to the Republican Party, which isn't lacking from the opposite side. Clooney really provides a satirical gem.

The campaign consideration:
Best PictureBest Director: George Clooney
Best Actor: George Clooney
Best Actress: Thandie Newton
Best Original Screenplay: George Clooney and Grant Heslov
Best Film EditingBest Original Score

Beloved dolls

Oprah Winfrey group... the bust features the actors from the movie “Beloved” & the author.

Thandie Doll

Fashion bride, Thandie Newton, fashion, Jana Seymour, fashion, Barbara Streisand, Victorian, Kim Basinger, fashion

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From Guardian Unlimited Arts column 27th April 2007

Scoops and Stilettos: gritty as well as glossy
Grazia looked like a fun place to work, which is presumably why ONE Life didn't feel the need to turn this interesting film about the magazine into a caricature.
April 27, 2007 3:55 PM Grazia editor Jane Bruton in the ONE Life documentary. It's rare that fashion and glossy magazines are treated by television as anything other than the most frivolous load of nonsense, perfect fodder for Ab Fab-style piss-taking. So it was refreshing to see BBC1's ONE Life strand play it straight last Tuesday with Scoops and Stilettos, a film about Grazia magazine.
What was interesting, too, was discovering that despite its mix of fashion news and celebrity gossip alongside features that actually engage with the real world (and indeed the real world beyond the British coastline), Grazia's ethos is more akin to a weekly newspaper than a monthly glossy.
There is no The Devil Wears Prada-style glamorous retreat of an office for editor Jane Bruton, who may dress like an editrix and spend inordinate amounts of her working life air-kissing Giorgio Armani in Milan, but also sits alongside her editorial team on the shop floor. And though she heads a team of 40, none of the staff appear to carry those Third Assistant Editor of Shoes job titles that litter the upmarket monthlies.
Despite being raised on diet of my mother's Cosmos and developing enough of an addiction to the smell of scent strips to want to make a career in magazines, with the exception of Vanity Fair and the occasional slap of property porn, I no longer regularly buy a monthly glossy because they seem so extraordinarily divorced from the way people currently live their lives. Probably because a magazine that has a production lead-time of three months - ie the current May issues were being worked on at the beginning of the year - cannot in any way begin to compete in the world of 24-hour rolling news and instant, all-areas web access.
Grazia's strength, and its success, is in knowing that we are increasingly greedy for information, and that this is the future, so whether or not what narrator Max Beesley called "Hort Kerture" and Grazia's revolving Kate Moss/Jennifer Aniston/Victoria Beckham/Elizabeth Hurley covers are of the faintest interest to you, it's difficult not to take seriously a magazine that applies a hard-nosed news-gathering agenda to frothy girlie stuff.
I loved the scenes of the fashion editors being papped walking down the street, simply because they were being trailed by a camera crew at the time. "We're nobody!" they shouted, but that didn't stop the pap, because nobody is just a nobody anymore.
And it was amusing to watch the young fashion news team out partying professionally. Quizzing Designer of the Year Giles Deacon on whom he may or may not be dressing for the Baftas, Deacon remained predictably tight-lipped, while on the other side of the room Thandie Newton could hardly have been more forthcoming. "He's dressing me and Helen Mirren," she said, without missing a beat. Whether you're working the Westminster beat or the fashion crowd, getting the answers you want is always a buzz.
Grazia looked like a fun, occasionally stressful, place to work, which is probably one of the reasons why it's Britain's fastest growing women's glossy. And presumably why ONE Life didn't feel the need to turn the film into a caricature. I've long thought there's a great, gritty, sexy continuing drama to be made about glossy magazines (and I don't mean Ugly Betty). Perhaps as magazines themselves evolve to embrace the gritty alongside the glossy, the time will be right.

Grazia O2 19th July 2007 London

Grazia O2 X Club Awards

Thandie features in this video

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Run Fat Boy Run

'Run Fat Boy, Run' looks set for a release in the UK on the 7th of September.
UK premiere is on the 3rd September, probably Leicester Square, London.

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Thandie on Rocknroll set

credit should go to Terminator at celebutopia who uploaded first

Thandie Slams Celebs

The fame game can grate on some celebs.
Surely it should be about talent rather than posh frocks?
Thandie Newton has hit out at the flim-flam side of stardom.
She said: "Celebrity these days is just about wearing something plunging on the red carpet.
"There's such a hunger for fast-food celebrity. When you ask a kid these days what they want to be they say, 'I want to be famous.'
"That didn't happen when we were little. You wanted to be famous for a reason."
While the Crash star is no stranger to stylish garb herself, she blames attention-grabbing clothing for the rise of the fame-for-fame's sake celeb status.
Miss Newton went on: "I think Liz Hurley wearing that Versace dress (to the Four Weddings premiere in 1994) started it all but anyone can wear a gorgeous dress."
Aahh, how refreshing her words are to our ears.
from Sky Showbiz

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Thandie praised on BBC

Thandie was the best on the day Graham Norton has just said this live on the BBC

Thandie from BBC Blog

One could not help feeling sorry for actress Thandie Newton who appeared on stage to deliver her environmental message and to introduce Al Gore live from Washington.

Thandie Newton resorted to talking about George Clooney. However the Hollywood A-lister was left hideously high and dry on stage after being told in her ear-piece that Gore was not yet ready.
"I've always wanted to stand in front of 2 billion people with nothing entertaining or interesting to say," she joked before talking about the sexiness of George Clooney.
Desperation got the better of her though as she resorted to telling Wembley a knock knock joke (which I doubt will be included in the highlights of the event).
No one seemed to understand it, nevertheless the good natured crowd gave her a huge cheer anyway as she left the stage.

Thandie Newton Black PVC Pants Live Earth

its Thandie and they still are leather jeans, why is this vanishing?

Thandie Newton Live Earth

British actress Thandie Newton, who starred in the Oscar-winning film Crash, told the crowd:"Someone once said that with power comes responsibility. They did not mean it quite literallybut the fact is we have to conserve power and use it responsibly."
If every household in the UK switched their appliances off instead of leaving them on standby then "we could save enough CO2 to fill this stadium nearly 450 times over", she said.
"All this in a flick of a switch."
She continued: "We have to lead by example, not simply look to our leaders."

tells us another joke please, i think they are leather jeans

Thandie Newton got more than she bargained for, and Al gets the message across, finally...
BAFTA Winning actress Thandie Newton was stuck on the stage without a script, when Al Gore failed to materialize for a link in the States.
With nothing to say, she won the crowd over by claiming that "Coming to live earth increases our attractiveness to a potential mate about 200% - say you've come to Live Earth is a way of saying you're hung like a war lord!" Hmmm, wonder who she's been getting down with...
She went on to tell a joke about a big horse and Londoner which wasn't really that funny but she was just so gorgeous and she dealt with it all so well, it was hard not to love her for it!!

Digital spy blog

Oh Thandie, leather trousers? really?
I love Thandie Newton. Great actress.
Ms Newton reading from an Autocue... She's loverly though
Ooo right thanks.She gets about a bit then doesn't she?Poor old Thandie lol
hahahahahaha poot Thandie. She's handling it well
WOW! If Thandie Newton tells me to turn the light off, I WILL! Best thing on the stage today, tomorrow.....PHEW!
Oh dear...Thandie is having to fill here. Already doing better than Gervais though.
Hope Ricky's learning a valuable lesson from Thandie right now
Thandie making a much better job of "filling" than Gervais did last week.
That's what I was thinking.At least she is trying.
Dance little woman, dance!
What is she on about? She's dying worse than Gervais!
Is Thandie OK what an earth was all that
Afternoon all! Er, how was Thandie better than Ricky G last week? She didn't die on her butt. Good for her.
Poor Thandie.She did the best she could. She's an actress not a comedian or entertainer. Good on her!
"Hung like a warlord"??? What was she blabbering about??
Is she still banging on in the background? I can't see how she was any better thanRicky Gervais - singing "I'm a Londoner"?!!??!!
Yees, that's true, but you'd have thought they could have prepared a filler given that she was linking to a live broadcast!

From NME Blog

Thandie Newton is talking mental stuff
07/07/07 03:54:03 pm
Exciting times on the stage inbetween bands. It looks like she was meant to be going live to Al Gore but the link didn't seem to be working. Here's some of what she said to pass the time...
"Going to the Live Earth gig is the equivalent to saying "I'm hung like a war lord.... I was hanging out with George Clooney recently and he became so much hotter since he got that little electric car ...congratulations, you're saving the Earth and making yourself more juicy... Al, if you're feeling sexy, will you please come live from Washington..."
Amazing. The power fails, she tells a joke about being a big horse and a Londoner that we didn't even understand

From Guardian online blog

3.48 Thandie Newton is having to fill because Al Gore's not ready. Do the David Brent dance, Thandie! Oh, now she's telling knock knock jokes. This is brilliant.

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Pirate Prince promo video

Harper's Bazaar August 2007

better scan of the august 2007 uk cover


Friday July 6,2007
Mission Impossible star Thandie Newton is relishing filming Guy Ritchie’s latest gangster caper – because she’s the only woman star.

“It’s great, I’m working with all these big men,” joked the petite actress, who is shooting Mr Madonna’s new film, RocknRolla, with Phantom Of The Opera star Gerard Butler and Full Monty actor Tom Wilkinson.

“It is fun and very interesting to have the chance to observe boys doing the boy things. I am very much enjoying being the only girl,” she told us at the Great Ormond Street F1 party at The Worx in London’s Parsons Green.

And Thandie, 34, says that being directed by Guy is a dream. “He is so easy to work with,” she gushed.

“I think people who loved Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels will enjoy this movie – it carries on in that vein but at the same time it’s a departure for him.”

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Live earth 7th July London

Thandie Newton introduces Al Gore from Washington

At the new Wembley Stadium for the spectacular concert on
Saturday (07.07.07).

The full line-up for Live Earth London - one of a series of global concerts being held to highlight the dangers of global warming - has been unveiled.

Highlights include Madonna closing the event with hit Hung Up, the Beastie Boys blasting out Sabotage, Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers, both introduced by US comedian Chris Rock, and Keith Urban and Alicia Keys teaming up to perform Rolling Stones classic Gimme Shelter.

Comedian Ricky Gervais will introduce spoof rock band Spinal Tap, while Genesis, fronted by Phil Collins, will kick off proceedings.

Other presenters include Pierce Brosnan, Thandie Newton, Ben Affleck, Penelope Cruz, Catherine Tate and British radio DJ Chris Moyles.

The 24-hour Live Earth concert series - organised by former US Vice President Al Gore - will begin in Sydney on Saturday and continue with shows in Tokyo, Shanghai, Johannesburg, London, Hamburg and Istanbul, before concluding in New York

Thandie was a bit lost for words when Al Gore did not come on time, and her ad libbing was fun to watch. Loved your jeans. And i noted the camera persons did too!