Saturday, July 07, 2007

From NME Blog

Thandie Newton is talking mental stuff
07/07/07 03:54:03 pm
Exciting times on the stage inbetween bands. It looks like she was meant to be going live to Al Gore but the link didn't seem to be working. Here's some of what she said to pass the time...
"Going to the Live Earth gig is the equivalent to saying "I'm hung like a war lord.... I was hanging out with George Clooney recently and he became so much hotter since he got that little electric car ...congratulations, you're saving the Earth and making yourself more juicy... Al, if you're feeling sexy, will you please come live from Washington..."
Amazing. The power fails, she tells a joke about being a big horse and a Londoner that we didn't even understand

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quinn said...

Thandie signed the bumper this was before the event, i saw mention of this on AP, who also mentioned photos of thandie arriving anyone?