Saturday, July 07, 2007

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Oh Thandie, leather trousers? really?
I love Thandie Newton. Great actress.
Ms Newton reading from an Autocue... She's loverly though
Ooo right thanks.She gets about a bit then doesn't she?Poor old Thandie lol
hahahahahaha poot Thandie. She's handling it well
WOW! If Thandie Newton tells me to turn the light off, I WILL! Best thing on the stage today, tomorrow.....PHEW!
Oh dear...Thandie is having to fill here. Already doing better than Gervais though.
Hope Ricky's learning a valuable lesson from Thandie right now
Thandie making a much better job of "filling" than Gervais did last week.
That's what I was thinking.At least she is trying.
Dance little woman, dance!
What is she on about? She's dying worse than Gervais!
Is Thandie OK what an earth was all that
Afternoon all! Er, how was Thandie better than Ricky G last week? She didn't die on her butt. Good for her.
Poor Thandie.She did the best she could. She's an actress not a comedian or entertainer. Good on her!
"Hung like a warlord"??? What was she blabbering about??
Is she still banging on in the background? I can't see how she was any better thanRicky Gervais - singing "I'm a Londoner"?!!??!!
Yees, that's true, but you'd have thought they could have prepared a filler given that she was linking to a live broadcast!

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