Saturday, July 07, 2007

Thandie Newton Live Earth

British actress Thandie Newton, who starred in the Oscar-winning film Crash, told the crowd:"Someone once said that with power comes responsibility. They did not mean it quite literallybut the fact is we have to conserve power and use it responsibly."
If every household in the UK switched their appliances off instead of leaving them on standby then "we could save enough CO2 to fill this stadium nearly 450 times over", she said.
"All this in a flick of a switch."
She continued: "We have to lead by example, not simply look to our leaders."

tells us another joke please, i think they are leather jeans

Thandie Newton got more than she bargained for, and Al gets the message across, finally...
BAFTA Winning actress Thandie Newton was stuck on the stage without a script, when Al Gore failed to materialize for a link in the States.
With nothing to say, she won the crowd over by claiming that "Coming to live earth increases our attractiveness to a potential mate about 200% - say you've come to Live Earth is a way of saying you're hung like a war lord!" Hmmm, wonder who she's been getting down with...
She went on to tell a joke about a big horse and Londoner which wasn't really that funny but she was just so gorgeous and she dealt with it all so well, it was hard not to love her for it!!

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