Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thandie meets Brenda London 19th December

Royal Reception to recognise people who have made a significant contribution to local or national life in 2006, held at Buckingham Palace,London, England - 19.12.06
Newton curtseyed and told the Queen her home was beautiful.
The actress, who was acclaimed for her role in the Hollywood hit Crash, said afterwards: "The Queen hoped we were having a good time. She said it is nice to have a party at Christmas.
"She's so lovely I just wanted to hug her."
This is from the Daily Prune, i am in a silly mood this morning.


gina said...

You know, I really would appreciate it if you didn't take the pics that I take the time to get, even if you do give me credit. Sincerely, Scriptgirl

quinn said...

i have deleted your picture and uploaded another without a watermark