Thursday, December 14, 2006

Independent newspaper London 15th December 2006

She's behind you! Thandie and Dr Who in radio panto

By Oliver Duff

Published: 15 December 2006

* News of a seasonal treat from Virgin Radio. The station's breakfast DJ, Christian O'Connell, has procured the services of Hollywood lady Thandie Newton (co-star of 2005's Oscar-winning Crash) and Dr Who actor David Tennant to perform in a radio pantomime next Thursday. Set the alarm clock for 7.30am.

Back in September, Newton, far right, rang O'Connell at the behest of her husband, who listens to the show.

"I asked her if she'd take part in it and she said yes," O'Connell tells me. "But I thought it was a 'showbiz yes' - where her agent rings Virgin an hour later and warns me to back off.

"Instead her agent called wanting a date and advice for Thandie's outfit." She will don Cinderella's gown.

The production was meant to be a nativity, "but in these religiously charged times," says the DJ, "it is better to play safe and stay away from all that". Shame!

David Tennant, above left, is "a bit pissed off" because he wanted to wear jeans and a T-shirt and play Prince Charming.

Says O'Connell: "It's my bloody show and I want to be the Prince. David is going to be Button, and we are all wearing costumes so he will be dressed as an elf."

Suggs is "The Lairy Godmother" and Brian Blessed is the Town Crier/narrator - so the production may run well over.

The booming comedian is under strict instructions not to tell "the story about his massage sessions with Patrick Stewart". Choke.

O'Connell adds: "It could be the last show I ever do. It is going to be cramped in the studio. Blessed may have to do his bit from reception."


darlaluvscrtr said...

will this be on the virgin website or youtube or something like that? i would love to hear it.

quinn said...

virgin website, i put up the daily link earlier when thandie called in