Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thandie is speaking live on Virgin Radio now

pictures have just appeared on virgin site

Thandie is speaking live currently on virgin radio, she is just reading the script, talking about christmas, panto starts in 20 minutes, Christian is saying you can watch it later! it will be streamed.
streaming has started, thandie is not in costume as yet, the web cam is a bit distant from the stage, someone has just re adjusted it thank goodness, lots of people wellmaybe 8 are in front of the tiny stage, its starting now....
end of part one, its funny brian keeps swearing and amusing dr who, thandie is trying to play it straight.

part 2 is starting, thandie now has a huge feather on her head, christian has just changed the words to Mandy to Thandie....

part 3 in a bit.

they cannot get the sound right, christian is back on stage...
thandie ran off with dr who into the tardis and it all ended with a version of footloose.
Fun and quiet silly, thandie should do some more panto.
daily podcast is available now


Angie said...

Looks like she had a ball!!!!!

quinn said...

it was so much fun, video is up on google video now