Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thandie at the BET Awards Show

I still can't believe she showed up and presented with Larenze Tate.. Loving it! Miss Thandie looked great too....



quinn said...

just found this larger image

Angie said...

Thanks Quinn.. I didn't catch the show but she actually presented... Don't think she won in her category though... nevertheless, I'm so glad she was there...and she looked so fab and simple unlike some of the other fashionistas there... most were a mess... lol

darlaluvscrtr said...

Thanks for the pictures, Quinn.

She made it!!!!!!!

Watching that entire show made for a very late night for me, but it was worth it to see thandie.

I agree with Angie that Thandie was the fashion highlight of the evening.

I hope that more black magazines will start to feature Thandie because she has a class and style that is rare these days on the African American scene.

What was up with Beyonce's dance anyway?!?

Angie said...

Dear lord, I heard she designed her outfit too. Beyonce has got to chill out... too much writing on the floor and backbreaking dance sequences.. but didn't it look like something she already performed on mtv? She needs a makeover.. lol

darlaluvscrtr said...

She designed her outfit??? Good grief - I thought it was Mama Knowles's design skills at work again.

I agree with you Angie, all of Beyonce's routines are starting to look similar these days - and not in a good way.

And I understand the desire to have extensions, but they tear up one's hair something awful. I saw pictures of Posh Spice and couple of other extension wannabes and they have bald spots like you wouldn't believe.

I know that Oprah LOVES Beyonce, and I agree that she is talented, but I wouldn't be happy if my 13-year daughter started acting or dressing like her.

Here's something off topic. Take a look at these pics. I had no idea that Halloween was celebrated 4 months earlier in the UK.


quinn said...

for big images.
we only have guy fawkes night here on november 5th, or bonefire night as we call it here.
that silly person from link, is not too bright as you may have guessed.

Angie said...

Quinn... did you see that pic of Jodie (somebody or the other's boobs)? I couldn't believe the size of them.. Truly looked like a halloween costume to me, until the caption mentioned she was there for a movie premiere.. WOW! I'll see if I can find the link.. Anyways, is she really a celebrity in London?

quinn said...

Hardly, a very silly person must have serious problems as she is always falling out of her clothes, she was in celebrity big brother and came across as stupid and particularly dumb, even gives bimbos a bad name!

Angie said...

Glad to hear it, because she looked horrible!