Thursday, June 15, 2006

Do you want to do your hair like Thandie?
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darlaluvscrtr said...

Thanks, Quinn!

I hope that her agent, Gaby Morgerman at William Morris is able to get her more pieces like this so that her name becomes more of a household item.

I still don't understand why she hasn't received any covers in the U.S.

Mandy Moore, who's had a so-so recording career and more flops than most of us have fingers on one hand, seems to be able to get on the cover of everything from Vogue to Cosmo.

Thandie is at least as pretty as she is, and Thandie's had less flops!!!

Maybe she needs a more high-powered agent.

quinn said...

I think crash helped in some ways a little film that made it big, lets she what happens with her next two films?

Angie said...

Crash helped Thandie out big time! I don't think Pursuit with Will is gonna be any good, judging from the really early reviews. Norbit with Eddie Murphy should give her some box office success... I read somewhere recently that Thandie and Brett Ratner (director of X-Men III) were seen chatting in the lobby of a hotel.. Some speculate it may be for a role in the upcoming Rush Hour 3 movie.. Hmmm, very interesting!

Alan said...

I hope she doesn't fall into the "Cuba Gooding syndrome". Since winning his Oscar it seems a lot of his roles have been somewhat pedestrian (with some exceptions). Maybe he just wasn't offered the jobs an actor of his talent should have.

In her case, since the success in Crash, she's now playing a "wife of" (a good talent in Will Smith) then a "girl friend of" (an egomaniac). And a Rush Hour 3, or something similar, could (would?) be another step down. For someone of her talent and beauty I don't know what gives.

Speaking of beauty I was glad(?) to see that she seems to have some lines at the corners of her eyes. Guess she can actually age -- I know she doesn't mind that. My crow's feet look like the Nile delta chiseled in my face.

Also wondered if she came over here for a vacation before the BET awards on the 27th -- I think she was nominated for best actress.

darlaluvscrtr said...

I agree that Crash and its success have helped her a lot. However, I think she should have been on a lot more U.S. covers by now, and that sometimes has to do with one's agent and publicist. Hopefully, they will get her more mentions in U.S. mags this year.

I don't think that Thandie is falling into Gooding Jr. mode yet. There is no reason why she shouldn’t be at the top of the Yahoo Buzz list, and why she shouldn’t have the same if not more name recognition than Halle Berry.

To that end, I think that the attempt is being made to make sure that she becomes more recognized by the general public by pairing her with blockbuster names. I think that's a good strategy and it's one of the things that makes me have a bit more confidence in her agent.

Wil Smith's film "Pursuit of Happyness" is clearly, based on its choice of director and release date, his 3rd attempt at an Oscar nod. So I don't see that as a step down for Thandie.

As to whether the film will actually get recognized, I don't know. I know that that there was apparently an early screening of it in Seattle a few weeks back, but no critics reviewed it (it was after all just a test run) and even the audience reviews were fairly positive - mainly in the 8 - 8.5 range. So, it may have legs during Awards season considering that it's being released in mid-December.

The Eddie Murphy film is clearly angling for hopeful blockbuster potential. With Gooding Jr. signed on, it should have some decent acting too.

If Thandie signs on for Rush Hour, I think that this would also be a good thing.

I agree that the Rush Hour movies aren't smart and don't feature award winning writing. However, the movies have huge blockbuster potential, which means even more name recognition for Thandie.

She can always sign on to do a drama after that and hopefully, get even better offers since she'll have more public visibility by that point.

I hope that if the role is not another bad girl (i.e., like the Dame Vaako role in CoR) in Rush Hour 3, then she takes the part, because I don't think that she wants to be typecast as a bad girl, and if the film does well then that could be a very real possibility.

And Alan, I hope that she attends the BET awards ceremony. She should still be in town because Norbit hasn’t wrapped yet.

Angie said...

Yeah right.. Thandie at the BET Awards.. She will not show unless Eddie escorts her or her agent convinces her to attend.. I've been dying to see Thandie at an African America event and she has yet to show. I mean she's nominated!

darlaluvscrtr said...

Angie, I can completely understand your frustration.

Usually, she's in London when these things happen so she has a somewhat plausible excuse, however this time she's in LA so she should be there.

However, there may be 1 reason why she won't attend.

Nicole Kidman's wedding is this Sunday in Australia, and they have been friends for a long time, so she may attend that event instead.

If she does, then the 18 hour flight may make it impossible for her to get back in time for the awards show.

Although, I think that a wedding is important, I hope that Thandie opts to go to the BET Awards instead.

Is that happening on June 27th or is it occurring on a different day, but being shown on TV on June 27th?