Monday, June 19, 2006

Movie news of Thandie's latest

Thandie Newton got sick of his tardiness one day and stopped his limo as it was rolling through the lot. She motioned him to roll down the windown, which he did, then she berated him in a calm, non-confrontational manner. "It's not just me, it's the crew, too. It's just not very professional," she said. She leaves, and Eddie says to his production assistant, "Somebody betta talk to her. Let her know how things are."The producer and Thandie have a little chat, leaving the Crash star in tears, and erryting was back to the way it always was.


darlaluvscrtr said...

You know this story about Thandie and Eddie is starting to take on 'fish tale' proportions.

The version of it that I've heard has her going up to Eddie during a break in production, and telling him that it's an honor to work with him and that it's an honor that she was picked for his movie, but that his tardiness is disrespectful, yada yada yada.

And he tells her to 'get the f***' out of his face, which in turn cases her to run off to her trailer in tears.

So this thing seems to be getting changed with each subsequent re-telling of it. :lol:

Oh well...a lot of movies have off the camera drama, and they turn out to be really good.

I hope that this is one of them.

quinn said...

Chinese whispers no doubt