Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thandie's secret

How Thandie Newton keeps her peepers wrinkle-free!

Her secret? Heal, an advanced healing gel from The Firm. Heal gel not only heals and softens scars and bruises, but it reduces swelling and inflammation, instantly soothing your skin.

Thandie Newton loves it so much she calls it an ‘elixir of life’ claiming that “a close-up after a 14-hour day is actually possible with Heal, it tightens the skin around my eyes immediatey".

This remarkable gel formula is the brainchild of a group of leading plastic surgeons and took three whole years to perfect.

It contains ten active ingredients that soothe, repair and reduce scarring, including arnica montana, a natural plant-based anti-inflammatory, healing peptides and signaline, which helps to regenerate the skin’s surface and boost collagen production.

Thandie Newton is not the only fan of Heal gel - Joely Richardson also can’t get enough of it saying, “I’ve come to love Heal. It’s like a protective layer that I wear daily now.”

Sounds like a medicine cabinet must

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