Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thandie Newton says no to surgery

'Crash' actress Thandie Newton has vowed she won't have cosmetic surgery on her breasts because she is a mother.
Thandie Newton will never have a boob job. The 'Crash' actress - who has two daughters, eight-year-old Ripley and Nico, four, with her husband, writer Ol Parker - won't have cosmetic surgery to enhance her breasts because she is a mother. She said: 'I cannot believe how much I love my children. I fed them both and carried them in me. When I see women who have plastic surgery done to their boobs I think, 'How can you when they have fed your children?' ' Thandie has also revealed she enjoys dressing up in designer gowns to attend awards ceremonies and glitzy events - and her kids love seeing their mother in glamorous outfits. The 36-year-old British beauty added to Britain's Stella magazine: 'I love it. I love the dressing up bit. I don't shop that much but, when I do, it's great. 'My daughters like watching me get ready. They say, 'Mummy pretty', and all that. 'That is how fame seems to children. They think it is all glamour and glitz, but it is really hard work.'

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