Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thandie on Jonathan Ross BBC1 23rd March

Thandie Newton,
Episode Number: 151 Season Num: 12 First Aired: Friday March 23, 2007 Ladies and gentlemen: he's back. The suited, wavy-haired cheeky monkey himself Mr Ross, welcomes us to his new series with the distinct possibility of a punch-up. Boxer Ricky Hatton goes toe-to-toe with Jonathan and Thandie Newton will do well to stay that far away from him and his saucy banter.


Angie said...

Quinn, is this a television or radio program?

quinn said...

television sorry

quinn said...

thandie is going to see daniel radcliffe in equus next week and jonathan ross started by talking about merkins! so nothing like putting his guest at easy

quinn said...

"Shall we get the next guest out?" he suggested tentatively, even having to ask the audience why they weren't sounding excited.

Because Thandie Newton was up next - hardly a showstopper
this is from the people newspaper

quinn said...

Hollywood actress THANDIE NEWTON mastered on-screen kissing after her MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2 co-star TOM CRUISE took her aside for a tutorial in celluloid puckering up. The British beauty admits her smooching was "overenthusiastic", and love-scene veteran Cruise was forced to take Newton to a nearby monitor to play back the sequence. Speaking on UK TV show FRIDAY NIGHT WITH JONATHAN ROSS yesterday (23MAR07), she said, "We did this scene where we had to kiss passionately at the end, and he stopped and said, 'Oh God, that was terrible. Come here and look.' "And it was because I was so overenthusiastic. "So it became very clinical by the end and there was a huge skill (involved)"

quinn said...

Jonathan also welcomes to the show Bafta award-winning Thandie Newton who reveals what she thinks of Mission Impossible 2 co-star Tom Cruise: "He's hugely enthusiastic, wants to run everywhere and tries incredibly hard to be a decent person, that's really very admirable."

And on what it's like to kiss him: "With Tom you always thought about the cameras. We kissed passionately, and he told me why it was bad. I was squashing him, he taught me how to pull back but still give enough, it was very clinical in the end."

She also talks about her reaction to graphic scenes with Matt Dillon in Oscar award-winning movie Crash: "In one scene they asked if I was wearing protective underwear, I didn't understand, I was really shocked, I wasn't prepared for that... but ultimately life can be that extreme, and working on something that good can be so fulfilling."

quinn said...

Daniel Radcliffe interview:
JR:Yeah, i mean Tom Cruise isn't a tall man as we all know, Thandie has worked with him, hey Thandie you have worked with Tom haven't you, How tall is he compared to Daniel do you think? About the same hight, a little bit taller?
TN: Daniel seems taller..
D: Wonderful
JR: what a wonderfully diplomatic answer
JR: Have you seen him in Equus yet?
TN: No I want to go next week
JR: Don't bother, he'll give you a preview round the back, if you ask nicely
D: Sheepish laughing
TN: I'll be Jo.
JR: I'll be the horse
Dan: Alright (snigger) but i'll have to molest you jonathan

quinn said...

Interview was almost 14 minutes long, thandie is a practical joker, and gave Simon Pegg grief on the set of Run Fat Boy Run, if it wasnt the mars bars (uk variety, not the nasty usa bars) and marmite in underpants, and sowing up the sleeves and top to his t-shirts!
there was a bit about dogs in which Jonathan lowered the coversation how strange, but maggie the dog has been banned from thandie's bed after 3 nights.

Thandie did do a impression of her mum which was strange.
Was like a chat and just mentioned the new film right at the end.
Thandie came onto uptown girl and didnt snog wossy!