Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thandie jokes with turds

Crash actress Thandie Newton made a fake turd out of a chocolate bar and left it in comedian Simon Pegg's trailer, she has confessed.The Bafta winner played a string of practical jokes on the Hot Fuzz star during filming for Run Fat Boy Run, directed by David Schwimmer from Friends.
But Simon, best known for his roles in Shaun of the Dead and TV show Spaced, didn't rise to the bait.
"I was chuckling about it for at least two days before I did it," Thandie said on BBC 1's Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.
"I got a Mars bar and mashed it up into the right shape and put it in his trailer.
"I put some Marmite on some old Y-fronts and left them next to it.
"As I was doing it the pleasure came from just setting it up. It didn't matter what he thought.
"He gave me nothing but it was worth every second."
The British actress also put cling film over his toilet seat and sewed up the cuffs and collars of his T-shirt.
"I got nothing back. I was joining in but no-one was joining in with me," she joked.
She also spoke about how Tom Cruise taught her to improve her on-screen kiss, during filming for Mission Impossible 2 when she was 22.
"With Tom it is always thinking about the cameras," she said.
"We did the scene where we had to kiss really passionately.
"He said 'Oh God. That was terrible' and took me over to the monitor.
"I was getting into it and was totally squashing his nose.
"He taught me to pull back but still give enough."

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