Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Thandie attends VIP viewing of David Hockney's portraits

I am not sure what all the laughing and Thandie waving her hands about was about!

This girl gets around... Very candid pics of Thandie on WENN


darlaluvscrtr said...

:( i couldn't find the pictures on WENN, but in the photo you posted she looks good.

i hate her publicist though. why don't we hear more about her????

Angie said...

I agree.... Also, here's a link to superiorpics which has HQ versions from both nights.

quinn said...

sorry i am away stuck on ouha after hawaiian earthquake hense no updates from me

Angie said...

OMG Quinn... you're in Hawaii? So sorry to hear that.. when do you think you'll be able to leave?

quinn said...

back finally, i know i had bruises when i fell over on a japanese temple in the pouring rain, but why has thandie a bruise on her head since 9th october at the bent premiere in london