Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Run Fatboy Run news

A pleasant surprise this morning to find a fully fledged film set at the end of my road. A derelict, or at least empty, shopfront on the corner of Columbia Road and Ravenscroft Street has been transformed into Libby's Fine Buns for the upcoming Run Fat Boy Run to be released next summer, starring Simon Pegg and Thandie Newton and directed by none other than David Schwimmer!!To be honest, the star spotting was completely uneventful (unless you count the back of a baseball capped head, which I was informed belonged to Mr Ross Geller). I just thought the set was exquisite... The cakes were piled up inside too, and the hanging items in the windows are individually decorated 'cookies'. Beautiful...Do you agree?
source seems filming has started in London


Angie said...

Quinn yor back!!!! Awesome.. glad to know you made it through safely...

Great find.. I hope we'll get to see pics of Thandie filming this movie... The stills from POF were a let down and don't get me started on NOrbit..

Anyway, welcome back!

Sula said...

you're so lucky to be so close to one of thandie's sets!!!

i would give anything just to be able to see her, and here she'll be working on a movie right on your doorstep =P guess i cant expect much living here in oz.

quinn said...

i found some candid photos from the king of scotland premiere the other night, i will put them up when i get off hawaiian time, also found 9th October Bent photos, first with thandie's bruised head, what happened?
as ever i would say see, scriptgirl is still uploading new images to me and larger sized than i have ever seen from bruno press.
thandie attended something before the king of scotland premiere for harvey nichols i think,same dress,
and oliver was about too from what i have seen.

Jonh Neo said...

Hi quinn, I want to introduce you to
see u quinn

darlaluvscrtr said...

some people are so lucky. i hope this film become's britian's next breakout hit here in the U.S.

thanks for sharing and finding this quinn!!!!!!!