Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thandie Martini Night

New Martini girl Thandie Newton ruffles a few men's feathers in a dress that offers a real thigh-ful
Thandie Newton often champions Brit designers like Giles Deacon. But she may have taken the avant-garde look a little too far as she stepped out in a frock which looked like a pair of half-drawn curtains.

The unfinished-looking dress was a big style statement, but it left the Oscar-winning Crash star looking as if she had run out of the designer's salon before the dress was complete.

Thandie Newton makes an entrance in a ruffled dress which reveals a thighful at the Tini bar in Chelsea The dress was layers of taffeta ruffles held together by a sheer panel.It looked fine once she stood up upon exiting her car, but not before she had exposed a right thighful in London last night.

Thandie was at the appropriately named Tini bar in Chelsea to promote her role as the spokesperson for drinks company Martini's Stay Beautiful campaign.
The mother of two daughters, Ripley, nine, and Nico, five, told the Mail On Sunday's Nathan Kay: 'It looks like I'm having the time of my life with a group of my best friends but I met them that day,' describing the Martini photoshoot.

Thandie's taffeta ruffled dress looks great when she stands up and covers her modesty

Crash star Thandie is the spokeswoman for drinks company Martini's Stay Beautiful campaign 'They were a lovely bunch of people and we had so much fun that it looks like we have known each other for years.'

'They were all models and I was the only actor in it.'
'The only problem was the shoot started at 7am and ended late the same evening so I had to be wide awake even when I was tired.'


Angie said...

Yeah... not sure if I like this frock either.. but it's so good to see Thandie out and about again. I watched MI:2 last night and it's amazing how much she's changed. Thanks for posting Quinn.

quinn said...

there are a couple of videos around of the event and the advert for martini.