Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Rachael Ray Show

Thandie Newton felt like she was back in college taking a political science class as she spent six weeks preparing for the role of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Oliver Stone's new movie W. "I went through everything. YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon.com," Thandie recalls about her research. "I had so much work to do. My posture - the way I held my neck, my shoulders - everything was different."

She plays a very different kind of powerful woman in Guy Ritchie's new film RocknRolla, in which she depicts a crooked accountant who manipulates a group of reckless criminals. "The movie is just peppered with characters that you've never seen before. Unique, hilarious, crazy and it's a group of criminals basically who are all being maneuvered by me," Thandie says. She's certainly no stranger to big personalities, having previously shared the screen with Tom Cruise and Will Smith. "You go to work with – the roster!" Rachael notes. "Your husband must not have a jealous bone in his body." Thandie blushes a bit and sweetly says, "We have a good thing going."
source http://www.rachaelrayshow.com/show/segments/view/thandie-newton/

Next up, it’s Thandie Newton at the kitchen table, who has two movies out right now. She plays Condoleezza Rice in the new Oliver Stone movie W, as well as a powerufl woman in Guy Ritchie (the future x-Mr. Madonna)’’s RocknRolla. When told that Thandie is glowing and beautiful - she says that it’s because her husband is backstage, and the lunch was wonderful in the green room.

When asked how long she worked to become Condy Rice - it was an hour and a half in makeup, but there was alot of preparation and research before hand, for about six weeks. She did everything - Youtube, Wikipedia, Amazon, plus recordings of her when she didn’t know she was being watched. That’s how she discovered the postuer, the way she holds her neck, her shoulders, everything was different.

The movie is an overlap of familiar moments, with an Oliver Stone backstory, with all the moments in between. You’d expect it to be heightened, being Oliver Stone directed, but there was so much story there, it’s really quite simply what happened.

In RocknRolla, a movie on the totally opposite side of the spectrum, with a group of unique hilarious crazy characters, a bunch of criminals that she manipulates as their accountant.

She talks about her kids - Ripley is named for Ripley in Aliens, absolutely! Because she was absolutely amazing, and the other girl’s name is Mika. She admits that when she’s away, her husband lets them eat pizza in bed in the middle of the night!

She’s also worked with some of the big wigs. Of Tom Cruise, she says he’s lovely, and she’s never met anyone who tries harder to be a good person. Will Smith is “Ok, Willard.” He’s they type who would just invite you over to bbq. She declares herself very lucky to have worked with all of them. Her husband is extremely supportive, even with the group of hotties she gets to work with, and says Thandie “We have a good thing.”


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