Tuesday, May 27, 2008

from BBC Cornwall

Thandie's Water Aid
Thandie Newton is supporting a new campaign that aims to provide clean water to people in Africa. The Hollywood actress who grew up in Cornwall has visited Mali to learn more about the '1L to 10L' campaign which provides safe drinking water.

Thandie Newton is no stranger when it comes to being on the silver screen.

She shot to fame playing the female lead, opposite Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 2 and further cemented her acting credentials by winning a BAFTA for her role as Best Supporting Actress in Crash.

The stunning actress, who spent her formative years in Cornwall, will also be appearing as Guy Ritchie's new leading lady, Stella, in his new trilogy, RocknRolla.

Thandie in Africa
Despite her busy schedule Thandie has found time to promote a campaign which aims to provide over six billion litres of clean water to hundreds of thousands of people living in Africa.

'1L-for-10L', is a major partnership with the international relief and development agency World Vision and Volvic.

"My trip to Mali was a humbling experience, and one that I will never forget," says Thandie.

"Having seen first hand the vital difference, clean, safe water makes to the lives of children, women and the wider community; I hope that people in the UK will get behind the '1L-for-10L' campaign and help generate the much needed supply of water, something we take for granted everyday."

Thandie working in Africa
As a result of the project, wells are being dug in Ghana, Malawi, Zambia and Mali in 2008, generating over 1.7 billion litres of water in the first year alone.

Not only do the wells provide access to safe, clean drinking water but they also lead to improved sanitation, a reduction of waterborne diseases, better hygiene and improved crop irrigation.

Individuals will no longer need to walk for miles to collect water and families and communities will be able to devote more time to education and income-generating activities.

"The Volvic 1L-for-10L programme in association with World Vision will help further generate awareness in the UK of the issues surrounding the lack of clean drinking water in developing countries," explains Philip Spencer, Marketing Director at World Vision

Thandie at a film premiere
"This programme will have a dramatic effect on the quality of life for communities across the six identified countries, as access to clean water impacts everything from health and sanitation to education and food production.

“World Vision works alongside these communities to ensure that development really does meet their needs and is also sustainable in the long-term."

Meanwhile Thandie will next be seen on the silver screen in 'RocknRolla', a crime drama based in London. It also stars Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson, Jeremy Piven and rap artist Ludacris.

The plot involves a Russian mobster's shady land deal that puts millions of dollars within reach of several disparate and needy characters.

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