Thursday, September 06, 2007

Independent 7th September

The truth about Thandie
Two years ago, a mystery "heavy breather" called Pandora to complain about that day's column. It emerged, on teatime telly, that the aggrieved reader was none other than the subject of that article, David Schwimmer.
I worried, then, about criticising the Friends actor's new film, Run Fat Boy Run. Would my Batphone tinkle in the night, Schwimmer announcing a writ?
It turns out, instead, to be the father of the flick's lead actress, Thandie Newton. "Dear Pandora," writes Nick Newton. "Thandie is not Zambian, she is British. I, her father, am British, her mother, my wife, though born in Rhodesia, is also British. Following Thandie's birth at Charing Cross Hospital, we spent three years in Zambia, after which we returned to Cornwall, where we still live. Thandie, of course, now married and with children, lives in NW London. I read this and other errors frequently. They persist, like warts!
"Sorry you didn't like the film, I've yet to see it. Nick Newton." Good man!

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