Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New York City


Angie said...

Great look! I can't believe she's here in the NYC... yeah! Will keep my eyes peeled and this time I'm definately saying hello. Thanks for the pics Quinn..

The Fashion Spot has a picture of Thandie saying it was from the Journey of August King, but it's actually from the Pirates of Penzance...no? I know they like to get their facts straight over there.

Also, have you heard from Danielle at BellaThandie? I know this isn't the spot to talk about it, so I'll pm you later...

Again thanks for the great pics.

quinn said...

Pirate Prince is the correct title.
Have not heard from Dani in ages i know she moved and BellaThandie had a problem it never recovered from pity, that is why i started this.

Angie said...

It's weird but that movie Pirate Prince is hard to find, not even e-bay has it...and thanks for the correction. I guess I will find it now that I know the correct title.. lol

Love the new and old pics as well.. great job!