Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pursuit of Happyness movie trailer

Here's the link to view Thandie's next movie Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith. Unfortunately Thandie's only in one clip and you can briefly see her from behind.. lol


Alan said...

Sorry to jump to another subject, but in an interview I read that she says that Kem will return to ER and that there will be a resolution -- I guess between her, Carter and the future (assumng they both survive). The intro to the interview is a hoot -- they mess up most of the facts of her life. The URL is (no www)

As far as Pursuit and Norbit go, I just hope she can get a decent role in a good film for next year.

darlaluvscrtr said...

alan i think that your find is a bit old.

a year or two ago, Carter left the show to be with her character.

i thought that ER would have had her back last year with all of the hype for Crash, but i heard that the producers wanted to focus on some other couple.

it seems pretty dumb considering how boring er is these days but that's what they did.

i hear that her role in Pursuit is completely opposite of her character so maybe it will be an oscar worthy performance for her.