Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thandie in LA 21st May 2006

Thandie with Nico in Los Angeles 21st May 2006


Angie said...

Wow... talk about mommy's little girl.. Nico looks just like Thandie... moreso than Ripley, who I think looks like her dad....

Mai said...

She is such a cutie

quinn said...

truly, strangely only this picture appeared usually there are more

Alan said...

I know I shouldn't post this because I come off as a schmuck (which may even be an upgrade for me), but -- what is she wearing under the blouse? Those can't be her bones, can they?

The problem here is that I am a guy (see Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys. Although not a "complete guy" as outlined in his "analysis", I have tendencies to that end.) And guys look at different things than women, due primarily to our lack of style and grace.

I understand that health and appearance (in this case, thinness) can be quite unrelated. An accurate measure of body mass is not merely height and weight, but must also include age, sex, bone structure and life style (diet, exercise, genetics, etc.). And, of course, our personal opinions as beholders.

When I first beheld Thandie Newton in Flirting in the mid 90's I felt she was one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen, because she also had that aura of cuteness about her. I was surprised that she was only 16/17 at the time. But I'm alarmed that she seems to get thinner as the years go by.

Her clavicle, shoulder, arm, hand, and foot bones didn't show when she was younger, even though she said that she had eating problems then.

I apologize for going on like this, but I'm just concerned for her health (as I, probably erroneously, see it). After all, Ghandi was healthy. So are most practitioners of yoga.

To change the subject...seeing photos of Ripley and Nico one can see how even Sally Hemings, let alone her children, could pass as white.