Thursday, March 09, 2006

now thandie was this the wise on such a wet rainy night and girl did you forget to act when you heard your name

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Angie said...

LOL.. the roll eyes thing. yeah she forgot for a spell but recouped with her speech.

Found this little scoop on Thandie and why didn't attend the ISA in LA.

Anway, through the grapevine, (sorry I can't say how exactly) I have learned that Thandie has confirmed that Ripley (her eldest daughter) caught the chicken pox sometime last week, and that was why she didn't attend the ISA.

I still think that she should have gotten an invite to the Oscars as a presenter (and I'm sending my letter to AMAPS tomorrow), but thankfully she had something much more important to do. :)

It was also stated that if her daughter(s) - I don't know if Nico caught it too - are feeling okay, then she will try to attend the Empire awards tomorrow.